Boca del Infierno Spain

Spain Gorges and a Red River

Spain Gorges and a Red River

Spain Gorges and a Red River

It’s August 2022 and we’re on our Summer travels through the arid landscapes of Aragon. So far, it’s an intoxicating mix of dramatic landscapes and hilltop villages which are all rather beautiful. Now we’re meandering along gorges, where a surprise red river awaits in this superb area of inland Spain.

This area is called the Valle de Ansó and is one of the most scenic in Aragón.

The Foz de Biniés

First we come across an unexpected route, taking in the superb formations o the Foz de Biniés. Here we find ourselves driving through an incredible gorge, where a dry river bed lines the route. Beside us are overhanging rocks, craggy in appearance and towering over high cliffs above. This is quite simply spectacular.

Undeniably, the most interesting section appears up ahead, in the form of a twin natural stone arch. These craggy formations seem perfectly formed above the road, which fit neatly above. The actual gorge is 165ft long, with cliffs rising to 655ft high around us.

Driving under the natural stone arches is an added bonus to what is already a simply serene route. Apparently, when there’s water in the river, it’s also a popular spot for canoeing and rafting.

Ainso, Hecho and Biniés Hilltop Villages

After the drama of the twin arches, along comes the hilltop villages of Ainso and Hecho. The first is probably the more interesting of the two. However, both villages are known for their gorgeous floral displays of geraniums and we soon see why.

Ainso is a mountain village of cobble streets, stone buildings and steep roofs. Basically, as with many of these small places in the mountains, Ainso is full of character and local traditions. The locals even have their own language, called Cheso – how wonderful.

All of these small villages at the foothills to the Pyrenees are just beautiful places to ponder. By the way, parking is ok for us too, with parking provided.


Hecho is another take on Ainso, again full of charm with its traditional buildings and more of those glorious geraniums. At the end of the day, both are worthy of a stop before taking back to the main reason of this area – the drive.


Another small mountain village worth wondering around is Biniés, which maybe small with not much going on, but it’s quaint.

Parking below a water pump in the arid surroundings makes us feel like we’re more in the wild West than Spain. Lying 2250 ft above sea level, there’s nothing much here other than tiny streets, a few dogs and a couple of elderly locals watching the world go by.

We do take a walk around though and it’s the type of place, where time is stood still, and you really get a feel for life in these parts.

By now, the heat is really kicking in, there’s no doubt these regions, despite being close to the mountains, get terrifically hot.

Hell’s Mouth – Spain Gorges and a Red River

Next comes the most spectacular gorge drive, along the tightly built road to the Selva de Oza. Hell’s Mouth or the Boca del Infierno is a distinctive and unusual red river route, with high cliffs glistening off the brightest sky.

This road is narrow, but quiet and equally as appealing as many similar routes in the Alps. Ahead we see the red water of the river as it flows between the impressive rock. Not only is this gorge route superb, but at the end of it is the most beautiful location.

The Selva de Ova

The Selva de Ova is a natural paradise of greenery, seemingly an oasis of wildlife and walking nestled beside forests and mountains.

A large grassy meadow awaits, with plenty of parking areas, walking signs and a campsite a little further along the road.

We debate for a moment whether to stay the night, but there looks like rain clouds looming, so we decide to move on. First we take a quick stroll, just to take in the scenery and way up the surroundings.

There’s a few off road tracks veering off the tarmac, but otherwise it seems to be the end of the road here. What a place this is, to be honest, you could spend a few days here in a tranquil paradise, just walking, watching, resting and contemplating.

Next time: We find the most remarkable natural hot springs rising from a dry lake bed where soaking becomes the main priority!

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