Top vanlife Campervan Blog

Top Vanlife Campervan Blog

A World of Adventure

The journey still excites, discovering beautiful places, interesting people and idyllic routes across the globe

vanlife 4x4 blog

New Zealand

Travels in our Self-Build Campervan, discovering incredible coastal beauty, lush forests and dramatic landscapes across New Zealand

23,000 KM Across Australia

Winning flights to Sydney for Heathrow Airport’s 70th Birthday completion gave us an idea that changed us forever – a 6 month overland trip across the vast continent that is Australia.

Uluru vanlife 4x4 blog
vanlife 4x4 blog

The Journey

Campervan adventure travel is the best feeling, mixing excitement and curiosity round every corner. Each destination impacts the mind and spirit, but it’s those natural surroundings and people that bring lasting memories.

Vanlife travel can be simply breathtaking, waking to the sound of birdsong or sipping wine under a night sky, the journey always starts and ends in a special way, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

Nigel and Sonia
4×4 campervan vanlife blog

Aires France

Motorhome Aires

Must know overnight parking in Europe

New Zealand Walks

Race To Retirement

Time to quit the day job

Campervan Vanlife Travel Blog

Cape Hillsborough Australia


  1. Hello, thank you for your comments and so pleased you like the blogs! Van travel is such a great way to see the world so we’re sure you’ll have some amazing adventures ahead, no matter where those wheels take you – Wales is gorgeous too of course!! We don’t really “wild camp” anywhere nowadays, but we do use legitimate authorised motorhome systems in those countries that provide them and they are fab. However, some countries only permit campsite type stays, the UK predominantly being one of them – so we always respect the rules of the country region or town we’re in and just enjoy it more that way! Destinations can be incredibly adventurous, and you meet amazing people, especially so on campsites – no more so than on our 6 months trip crossing Australia!! 😊 Being safe, at ease and within the rules is key to the longevity loving van life!! Have a great Summer 💙

  2. Hi, I would just like to say your blogs are really good, great pictures, lots of information which is really helpful. We have travelled quite a bit, but nothing like you though, saying that, we will now travel to areas we would’nt of before.
    We too have a similar camper-van and we also live in Wales, but in the south, so we have something in common. Our concern has always been where we stay for the night, we always opt for a campsite, nothing fancy, but we do try to get that great view if possible. It gives us that peace of mind regarding security, but maybe we should be a little more daring 🙂

    Safe travels and please keep up the great posts.

    Mike & Julie

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