Vignette For Austria and Slovenia

Vignette For Austria and Slovenia

This Summer we drove our campervan to Croatia, buying a Vignette for Austria and Slovenia en-route.

Of course, some of you may know how we ended up being repatriated after a “crash for cash” accident near Dubrovnik, but that’s another story.

Before that fateful day, we had a great time exploring some stunningly beautiful regions in Slovenia, after first entering the country via Austria.

Although, on this occasion, we only stayed in Austria overnight, we still had to buy a Vignette to use their motorway system.

A vignette is basically how you pay to use the motorway system, which are in effect Toll roads.

Yes, for both Austria and Slovenia, the Vignette is only for vehicles up to 3.5 tonne.

You’ll need to buy a Go-Box which you attach to the windscreen. We’re out of touch on this system, simply because it’s 8 years since we’ve had a motorhome over 3.5t. But, here’s a little of what we do know.

However, you can buy a Go-Box at the border or at various official outlets displaying the Go-Box symbol.

Don’t forget you’ll have to show the registration document as well as proof of emissions. That’s because the emissions category of the vehicle is now part of the charging process.

We bought our Go-Box at the border and it still costs 5 Euro. Then, you have to add a minimum charge to it, which is currently 75 Euro. So you’ll basically be paying out 80 Euro at the beginning.

The Go-Box would bleep when we passed under a gantry, then it would bleep faster as the funds got lower. In other words, it would warn us when to top up the funds. This we’d do at a fuel station.

Once you’ve finished with the Go-Box you need to return it. I have to admit, we forgot to do this. Then on the next visit, we couldn’t find the entrance to the border services, and ended up driving straight passed! In the end we had it for a few years and eventually returned it by post.

Maybe check when you’re buying it if this is still the same.

Slovenia has a similar system to Austria in the form of a DarsGo for vehicles over 3.5t. Once again, you can buy at or close to the border and top up with a pre-paid amount.

This can be from between 10 and 100 Euro. One thing’s for sure, you mustn’t run out of credit! The DarsGo will give 2 bleeps when credit is running low and this is a warning to top up.

We haven’t personally used the DarsGo, because Slovenia was still using payment at toll booths when we visited years ago in our 4.2t Carthago.

Remember, the Vignette is only for vehicles up to 3.5t.

I have to say, it’s much easier buying a Vignette than the Go-Box. To do this, you simply stop at one of the fuel stations either close to or at the border.

There are plenty of fuel stops to choose from, so there’s no excuse. Remember, the authorities know this so don’t take a gamble.

This year, we bought our Vignette at a German service area on the motorway after Munich. It was really simple to do and isn’t anything to stress about. The payment was made at the same till where you’d pay for fuel or items from the shop.

The cashier was really stressing to me how important it is not to get a Vignette if the vehicle is over 3.5t, as fines will be imposed! Remember – over 3.5t is a GoBox.

Buying a Vignette for Austria in Germany

We bought our Vignette at the border in Slovenia, from the fuel station and souvenir shop. So, you can also buy from fuel stations approaching the border.

Slovenia border
At the Slovenia border buying our Vignette

We bought a 10-day Vignette at a cost of 9.90 Euro.

In Slovenia we had a 7-day Vignette which cost 15 Euro during the first week of May. Note: We were charged Class 2A.

The vignette for Austria is a small sticker which you place in the windscreen.

In Slovenia the Vignette is no longer a sticker. Instead, the updated version is electronic and is done by number plate vehicle recognition. The information is given when you buy the Vignette and imputed into their system.

We were given a receipt as proof of purchase.

Slovenia Vignette receipt proof of purchase


You can buy a 2-month Vignette for 29 euro.

There’s a 1 month option available at at cost of either 64.10 Euro – motorhomes over 1.3m high (Class 2B) or 32 Euro less than 1.3m high (Class 2A).

This is a strange way of measuring the height, because they do it from either more or less than 1.3m above the front axle!

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