Travel Diaries

Welcome to our Travel Diaries series, where we share day to day experiences of life on the road.

Travel Diaries

When we first began motorhome travels, we knew it would be difficult to remember where we’d been and when.

After all, there’s so much ground covered and so many locations we see. Sometimes these are within a few hours, let alone years. So, we began our travel diaries and never looked back.

Paper Diaries

Back then, the internet was only just beginning and mobile data roaming and smart phones weren’t around which meant our diaries were traditional books. Some of you may be surprised to know that we still use pen and paper.

We also marked every route taken on an atlas, an invaluable basic tool that we still use today.


As the years went on, technology obviously went cosmic, with every foreseeable gadget and gizmo available. Although we’ve adapted and do use technology, we’ve had a couple of bad situations on the road using it.

First, there was Nigel’s iPhone which totally broke at the end of our Australia trip. Because of the few chances of backing everything up whilst overland, we ended up loosing 1000’s of photo’s and other info forever.

Then there’s times when we’ve just not had good enough signal or data has run out.

Pen & Paper Travel Diaries

Today, for all those reasons, we still write our travel diaries out in a book with pen and paper, well as marking on the atlas.

We often look back at those diaries on the road, for reference and just a double check on “have we been here before”?

Finally, there’s nothing quite like writing in a book, not only is it therapeutic, but some how the words flow more easily.

Sharing those words on here on our return, is all part of the journey!

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