Top 9 Tips Extra motorhome security

Top 9 tips for Extra Motorhome Security

extra Motorhome security

Top 9 Tips for Extra Motorhome Security

For most of us, the thought of having our Motorhome or Campervan stolen is the stuff of nightmares. Even worse still is when it happens from your own driveway. With that in mind, our list of Top 9 Tips for extra motorhome security is a simple one.

Making use of items already in the van to deter those thieves is easier than you think. In other words – making it difficult for anyone to steal or break into the van, without going to too much added expense or inconvenience.

So without further ado – here’s our list of Top 9 Tips For Extra Motorhome Security.

Top 9 Tips for Extra Motorhome Security

1. On the Drive – Extra motorhome security

If you drive face into a parking space on the drive, it makes it more difficult to manoeuvre afterwards.

In other words – reversing in a hurry is more tricky than driving straight out of the driveway.

Also, an added trick is to park on ramps placed behind the wheels – making for an extra obstacle to contend with for any would-be thieves.

2. Swivel The Front Seats Around

Nowadays, many motorhomes have swivel front seats. Simply turn the seats around to face the habitation area, rather than the forward driving position.

The extra time it takes for a thief to scramble both seats around, may just be enough to put them off altogether or at least disturb them.

In addition, if you have a dining table that moves, position it in a way that leaves no space between the table and the seats. That way, it makes it more difficult to walk from the cab to the habitation side.

3. Block the Motorhome In

If you can park another vehicle behind the motorhome, all the better. Block it in or park behind gates to make moving it more difficult.

Another alternative is to put some large plant pots in front of it! Anything that needs moving first will help put a barrier between the thief and the van.

4. Put the Motorhome on SORN

Why not keep the Campervan on SORN if you’re not going to be using it in a while? In other words, putting the van on SORN is a good idea for security as well as saving on vehicle tax.

After all, if a thief makes a hasty getaway, any police on patrol doing vehicle checks, would instantly know an untaxed vehicle is on the road. Hopefully pulling the driver over to investigate in the process and catching them in the act.

5. Think about How you Park

If you can, park the motorhome in a way that entry is only through one door.

This could be by parking against a wall, hedge or building, so that access to all the doors is difficult.

If that’s not possible, try strapping the two cab doors together, which is another quick fix.

6. A-Class – Top Tips Extra Motorhome Security

In some A-Class motorhomes, the pull down bed over the cab is also a really good security feature!

Simply pulling it down into place, usually leaves no way of sitting in the driver seat at the same time. This makes it a puzzler for the thief and a handy security trick in the process.

7. Make use of Cupboards

Instead of neatly closing all those Campervan cupboards, drawers and doors – why not leave them all open?

Yes – The last thing any thief wants is the unexpected – noise and hassle!

Having to close all the open cupboards to stop things flying around the van won’t be an option for a thief – remember just make it difficult.

Top Tips extra motorhome security

8. Closing Cab Blinds

If you have cab blinds use them! Close the blinds or pop on the Silver Screens to keep visibility out the windscreen to nil!

That means – driving off into the sunset might not be quite as simple as planned.

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9. Cab Vehicle Battery

Simply disconnecting or isolating the cab vehicle battery suddenly makes the motorhome pretty undesirable to any would-be thief.

If you’re not using your van for a while, this may help secure your prized possession.

Other Security

Finally our Top 9 tips for extra Motorhome security is no substitute for other security products.

Above all, ensuring factory fitted devices and other additional fitments along with expert advice is essential.

At the end of the day, making the Campervan or Motorhome as secure as possible is vital in deterring those would-be thieves.

Last but not least – if we can all help prevent the theft of our own home on wheels then it’s worth it!

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