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Welcome to our campervan adventure blog for all those dedicated to Motorhome and overland adventure based van travel.

First of all, if you’re thinking of buying a motorhome or campervan for serious travels overland, we’ve got lots of useful tips.

More importantly, we love everything about campervan adventure based van travel, therefore, we love writing about them!

Travel More Work Less

In 2002 after years of touring caravan holidays, we decided to buy our very first motorhome. This was after traveling to New Zealand with our young children, renting a Motorhome there for two separate trips.

Meanwhile, we’d opened a motorhome hire business, consequently, adding to our motorhome knowledge.

However, in 2016, we decided to close the office for the last time, concentrating, more importantly, on a life beyond work.

We loved Motorhome and van travel road trips and had by now many years of experience. Subsequently, it was time for us to start exploring more and contribute more overland, adventure based travels and hit the road!

Heading off into Europe, we began where we’d left off on numerous trips beforehand, when the unexpected happened.

Australia Overland

Uluru Travellers Autobarn road trip
Here we are on our walk around Uluru or Ayers Rock in the Red Centre

It was a few months later, when we opened a surprise e-mail that changed our lives forever.

We’d won flights to Sydney, Australia, in a competition for Heathrow Airport’s 70th Birthday!

Starting off in Sydney, our incredible 6 month, 23,000km road trip in a tiny campervan, took us across the wilds of Australia.

New Zealand Self-Build Van

When you have children living in New Zealand, where better to buy and convert a panel van?

Our self-build was a labour of love and, further more, it completed Nigel’s big ambition of building his own van.

So, with our LDV panel van conversion, we can now enjoy all the incredible sights of New Zealand from our own home on wheels. Building it to the New Zealand self-contained standards was also important to us, gaining the certification showed further dedication to responsible van travel worldwide.

Adventure Van Travel Blog

Sonia loves a travel diary, so began writing about our motorhome travels back in 2005, furthermore, with articles published in Practical Motorhome Magazine, it’s a great way to share in the adventure.

We’ve always been asked about our motorhome, our current Sprinter 4×4 van and all our adventures of travels in a van. So what better way to share with you all than our very own website and blog!

Join us on our travels through Europe, in our Sprinter4x4 and down under in our self-build, self-contained NZ van.

We hope to inspire you as much as we’ve been inspired by others.

Bon Voyage and here’s to a Life on the Road,

From The Campervan Castaways!

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