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Over 30 Years Vanlife Travel

A World of Adventure Vanlife 4×4 blog

The journey still excites – always wanting to know what’s round the next corner, discovering the most beautiful places, interesting people and idyllic routes across the globe.

vanlife 4x4 blog
Our New Zealand Campervan

New Zealand Vanlife 4×4 blog

The “Land of The Long White Cloud” never disappoints. Travels in our Self-Build Campervan, discovering incredible coastal beauty, lush forests and dramatic landscapes across New Zealand.

Uluru vanlife 4x4 blog

23,000 KM Across Australia

Winning flights to Sydney for Heathrow Airport’s 70th Birthday completion gave us an idea that changed us forever – a 6 month overland trip across this unbelievable and vast continent that is Australia.

Europe Vanlife 4×4 blog

From walking amongst historic ruins of Rome to the Battlefields of The Somme. Relaxing on sun-kissed beaches in Croatia to driving along sweet scented bulb fields in The Netherlands.

For a touch of glamour, there’s people watching in St.Tropez or bathing in the therapeutic therms of Germany – whichever we choose, Europe has a mesmerising escapism like no other.

vanlife 4x4 blog

The Journey

Campervan adventure travel is the best feeling, mixing excitement and curiosity round every corner. Each destination impacts the mind and spirit, but it’s those natural surroundings and people that bring lasting memories.

Travel can be simply breathtaking, waking to the sound of birdsong or sipping wine under a night sky, the journey always starts and ends in a special way, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

Nigel and Sonia
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