Choose a vanlife life


Choose a vanlife life

It’s nagging at you, pounding in your head, thoughts that just won’t go away. Sitting at your desk, feet restlessly tapping the dust filled office carpet, your mind drifts off, whilst dreaming of your own little house on wheels. Full of the comforting delights of coziness, a home from home, that you can take any place, anytime, anywhere (almost!). Time to choose a vanlife life?

It’s real and you’re really wanting to take that next step. The leap of faith, the grabbing of the bull by the horns, you want to do it…… jump right out of that frayed, worn out office chair and leave the moaning groans of grumpiness and empty aspirations behind. As you slam the door shut on dullness forever.

Seeing campervans everywhere

You’ve been thinking about making that first step into the world of vanlife for sometime, months or maybe even years. Suddenly everywhere you go you’re seeing vans, every type and concept an array of conversions, campervans and motorhomes.  Everyone seems to have one, how didn’t you notice this phenomenon before?

Vanlife Dreams

Ditching old habits

They’re parked up at the supermarket, passing you by on the way to work, glaring out at you from every angle. Even friends and colleagues, that you thought opted for the luxury hotel with padded sun lounger and Pina Colada on demand, are now seemingly ditching the old habits for something more earthy. By getting back to one with nature, and embracing the notion of driving off, to who knows where.

It’s just so appealing, no more rushing to make an airport check in or queuing for what seems like half of your life at security. No sharing your bed, your coffee cup, your toilet seat with a zillion other strangers that have come and gone, through the doors of a hotel room before you.

There’s no more emptying your tiny cabin size suitcase on the bed. Whilst a wondering eye catches a suspicious looking stain, on the neatly folded bedspread!

No more hotel rooms

Drunken laughter from the adjoining room bellows through the air conditioning vents and slurred words of the conversation get louder and louder. This urges you to reach for those headphones, that you were saving for a poolside rendition of Wham’s Club Tropicana!

Exaggerating? I suppose that depends on your own experiences, but we’ve had so many disappointing hotel stays in our past life.  

It’s the whole process of not knowing what the room is going to behold. Whether it be noisy, smelly or the view you’ve paid extra for, just amounts to a square foot section of window pane, overlooking what you think could be the 11th hole of a distant golf course.

You can’t be too sure without loosing your balance off the corner of the work station, that you’ve wedged yourself against. Neck extended, resembling that of an inquisitive giraffe!

choose vanlife
Home is where you park it

Home from Home

So, what’s so special about a van though? It’s just a metal box on wheels isn’t it? Not quite, it’s a tiny space, yes,  well proportioned, but also filled with all those essential gadgets, gizmo’s and homely possessions.

It’s an intimate place where you can feel the worries of the world ebb away as relaxation, contentment and excitement for the journey ahead begins to consume the air.  

The moment you step inside seems so welcoming, it’s your own space, your own van, it’s a cliché but size really doesn’t matter! In fact, the smaller, the cosier and the realisation that you don’t need more space and that somehow, the need for anything more really doesn’t exist.

It’s life changing

Life in a van, time in a van, moments in a van, creating memories that stay with us, that simply stand out above all else.  That’s what we enjoy so much about vanlife, the getting away from it all, even for a day, a weekend or then again, permanently, whichever you choose, it’s a way of life like no other. It’s addictive and can even be life changing in so many ways.

A chance meeting with extraordinary people, all on their own journey, comparing stories, exchanging information, learning and growing and motivating each other.  

Planning that next destination, the call of the explorer in you, to always want to know just what’s around the next corner. Driving on, adventure driven and so encapsulated in the outdoor surroundings of where your little piece of home is taking you next.

Dreaming at the Office

It’s what so many of us dream about at our office desks, propelled out into the wilderness of escapism into the vastness of our wondering minds and that wish for something more, wanting to be that person behind the wheel of that van, that passed you this morning.  

We all dream, we all wish and hope and long for those moments, thinking that only others are fortunate enough to be living your dream.

But hold on, we are all in charge of our own destiny, no one else controls our minds or our choices, so those dreams can become reality, no more pondering, delaying or just waiting for the right moment.

Following those Dreams

So, we chose to just follow those dreams, on to the road to great adventures, living that life to the full and finding the little holiday home on wheels, to take us on that road to new horizons..

The road that’s full of amazing locations, beautiful people, incredible wildlife and find the new you, close that door behind you and say you’re worth it. Because, we are all worth it, and after all is said and done, a life is there for living and no more so than a vanlife life!

We listened to that inner voice and chose to change our lives, if we hadn’t no one else would have and we’re loving our new life, here’s to a future that really is bright!

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    • Thank you for you comments Louis, your own adventures also look incredible, enjoy the journey.
      T & S.

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