Top Thermal Sights of Tuscany

Top Thermal Sights of Tuscany

Top Thermal Sights of Tuscany
The thermal waters flow down the hillside into this blue pool

Bagni Vignoni Top Thermal Sights of Tuscany

Let’s start with our Top thermal sights of Tuscany. We love a bit of thermal activity. This part of Italy is starting to get really interesting with the hot stuff bubbling up from the ground.

Bagni Vignoni is a really pretty little village, where we parked easily enough on a free motorhome Sosta area.

A short walk took us to the old Roman village. The highlight in this picturesque location, are the natural thermal waters which flow through the centre.

Top Thermal Sights of Tuscany
Relaxing in the warm thermal waters at Saturnia

Hot Waters Flow – Top Thermal Sights of Tuscany

On a rocky outcrop overlooking the countryside surrounding the village are these thermal waters which run through channels in the rock before tumbling over the hillside. Here they form a natural blue pool beneath.

We sat with our feet immersed in the hot running water as it tumbled along the rocky channels. It’s all rather lovely and our feet felt so smooth afterwards!

A dusty walking path down the hillside lead us to the cascades of hot water and the blue pool where some people were taking a dip. Although, the water seemed a bit cool here compared to the source, on the top of the hill.

This was a fascinating start to some really good thermal areas here in Southern Tuscany. The next few days will see lots of bathing opportunities in some really amazing natural pools. We can’t wait to share it with you.

Top Thermal Sights of Tuscany
The blue waters of Bagni Vignoni

Bagni di San Filippo

Well these were worth a visit!

Always partial for a soak in a natural mineral Therme, we got quite excited when we cast our eyes upon this fascinating thermal cascade.

Parking up for the night on the free on-road parking for motorhome’s would save time in the morning getting to the bathing pools.

The only downside was the smell of the sulphur that lingered in the van all through the night. On the other hand, we knew this was going to be a very good bathing spot if the smell was so strong.

Top Thermal Sights of Tuscany
Various pools cascade down the hillside, choose one and soak!

Hot Water Cascading into Pools

The following morning, we strolled through the village to a marked clearing in the woods and the fabulous hot pools. A path lead us through the trees, where the hot stream flowed into a series of naturally formed pools, which have resulted in a continuous cascade effect down the hillside.

The milky blue water is due to the silica deposits, which are full of minerals to ease those aches and pains! Whilst gleaming white rocks are actually silica deposits, which have built up over time with hot waterfalls flowing over them.

Here, they have placed a small pipe to the source of the hot water coming up from the ground. This then flows into the pools so the public can directly get the benefit of the hot water.

As usual, we are keeping our post real. Although, we could have spent most of our time posing for the perfect “I’m here all alone” picture. We show it how it was – in other words busy, with difficulty finding a spot big enough for two of us to soak.

Yes, after choosing our preferred pool, we happily shared its very hot waterfall and the warm water with a few other folk. Shock, horror, yes this place is no secret and it’s super popular because of it.

After a couple of hours, our skin was coated with a film of clay like substance. You’ve been warned! It’s like having a deep cleanse without paying a penny for the privilege and we loved every minute.

Sharing the hot water pool and waterfall

Cascate del Mulino a Saturnia

Just when we thought we’d seen the best natural thermal pools ever. Along comes this Instagram favorite and our chance to take a good soak!

These are the free and totally natural Cascade del Mulino, located below the village of Saturnia, where there is also a dedicated posh Terme. Of course, this you have to pay for, but we opt for the free Saturnia.

Now, here’s the crunch. This place is by no means a secret either and when we arrive in the rain, there’s plenty of people willing to get wet from the sky as well as the ground.

Instagram favourite

If you’ve seen the Instagram pics of a lonely person posing for the picture, then ask yourselves, either were they there at 4am or have they digitally eradicated the crowds from the pic?

Maybe, as in the case of some posing people on our visit, they spend all day perfecting a perfect solo shot!

When we arrived, the car parks were full and the local police were assisting in the traffic issues on the road. There is strictly no parking for campers, either day time or overnight. Other than the dedicated Motorhome Sosta, which is about a 15 minute walk away.

Strolling down to the cascades after a stormy night, we were a little worried that the rain would prevent a dip. However, we did get to soak in the pools, although, the heavens did open again, on top of the rain from the all-night storm.

This seemed to have kept the mass crowds away, so it was actually much quieter, compared to the previous day – can you believe it?

The top path leads to a hot stream which tumbles into the cascades below

Hot streams and flowing cascades

Despite a lot of other people soaking in the mineral waters, the car parks were relatively empty. Presumably, on a fair weather day, these pools and the car parks would be very busy again.

Not to be all doom and gloom, these thermal pools are a delight. A hot stream runs parallel with the main road, encased in bamboo, where many people were also bathing before the rain set in.

The stream flows under a bridge crossing the road, through a field and then tumbles as a waterfall, behind the stone building and into the silica cascades that have naturally formed.

We took a dip in the main cascades, where the water was cooler, before ending our soaking in the hot stream above. This was away from the busier pools of the cascade areas, so was much more pleasant.

There’s no pictures of just us with a pool to ourselves, but I am there amongst the bathing public, in one photo. Once again, we’re trying to keep the reality alive.

We’re well and truly cleansed following a visit to the top thermal sights of Tuscany. With skin and wrinkles all smoothed out, we’re now ready to take in the next big part of our journey. So let the adventures through Italy continue!

The Saturnia thermal area of Cascate del Mulino


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