Rhoscolyn Beach

A Campervan Trip To Anglesey

Rhoscolyn Anglesey
Sunset at Rhoscolyn Beach

A Campervan Trip To Anglesey

Last Summer was a bit of a strange one for us. That’s because not only did we work for the Caravan and Motorhome Club, but we also decided to move house! So, with not much time for long trips abroad we decided to explore a little bit of our local area instead. First starting with a scenic Campervan trip to Anglesey.

So, it’s not as if we don’t know Anglesey at all. In fact, we’re all too familiar with this beautiful part of Wales which we can see from our house windows!

Anglesey is a scenic island located in North Wales and is separated from the mainland by the formidable Menai Straits. However, it’s by no means remote and is easily reached from North Wales along the A55 expressway. This actually runs across the length of the island ending at Holyhead where ferries sail to and from Ireland.

A campervan trip to Anglesey

Fine Views and Sun – A Campervan Trip to Anglesey

For once, the sun is not only shining but it’s hot! So, with our wheels in motion, we are off! Soon, we’re crossing the Britannia Bridge which links Anglesey with the mainland, the windows are down and the breeze inviting.

The views en-route across the swirling waters of the Menai Straits are just glorious. It’s one of our favourite local views and no matter how many times we’ve seen it, there’s still a sense of awe.

As we glance the mighty Menai Suspension Bridge which straddles the straits, we once again realise how lucky we are living in this part of the world. It’s such a clear day and the Snowdonia mountain range behind us looks absolutely breathtaking in the Summer sun.


Rhoscolyn – A Campervan Trip To Anglesey

Today we’re heading for an old time favourite – the picturesque hamlet of Rhoscolyn.

Rhoscolyn may be small, but it’s certainly big on appeal. You’ll find it tucked away in the South West of the island, an area that’s become ultra popular in recent years. However, this hasn’t dampened its appeal and if anything, it may have improved it.

Nowadays, there’s plenty of upmarket holiday lets with top weekly rates, but it’s still a sleepy little place.

Ultimately helped by a remote feel, excellent coves, clear sea and a very good pub, it’s little wonder it’s so popular.

The White Eagle pub used to be frequented by no other than William and Kate. That’s when they lived on Anglesey, when William worked as an RAF helicopter rescue pilot at nearby RAF Valley.

By the way, did I mention, this is also a plane-spotters paradise!

RAF Valley

An Idyllic Campsite But Watch The Access

Tucked away along a narrow single track lane is the gorgeous little campsite with a rather strange name! Considering it’s so out of the way and somewhat quirky you’d expect it be called something more enticing.

Instead, Outdoor Alternative is the name, possibly because it describe’s a variety of accommodation and pursuits available from site.

Unfortunately, with all good things there’s often a catch and this one comes with a narrow access road! However, once through those gates, driving past the neatly laid veg patch and willow reeds, the natural instinct is to just relax.

There’s no electric here, but we’re fine off-grid so there’s no need to worry, however, there is a good toilet block and washing up along with an eco emphasis. Yes, think solar hot water, along with a quite handy reed bed urinal in the great outdoors!

Next though, we choose a pitch in a quiet corner beside more reed but not the urinal! Everywhere on site is neat and tidy, with neatly mown grass looking tempting enough to sit on!

Sweeping Bays and Intricate Coves

Did I mention that this fabulous corner of Anglesey has some of the most glorious coastal inlets? Well, thankfully, the weather is perfect so we can get out and explore on foot. So after a cool drink and a quick sit down, we’re ready to find our feet on the silver sands.

Not only is the site situated alongside the Anglesey Coastal Path, but it’s also just a few minutes walk from some fabulous beaches.

Whichever way we turn there are more and more coves to explore and the water is so clear. To be honest, with the weather so hot, it’s not long before we’re changing into our swim suits and taking a dip. After a refreshing swim we’re ready to move on along the coast path towards Silver Bay.

This is one of those beaches that is too good to be true! Where is everyone? Then again this is the benefit of this part of Anglesey, it’s so quiet here and other than a few people at the beach cafe, there’s barely a sole around.


Coastal Walks and Solitude

There’s a superb mix of coastal walks with grassy paths linking various coves and beaches to inland routes. We take our time wondering from one to the other, making sure we sip water to keep hydrated.

Before long we’re following a track beside an estuary, passing through fields before joining a country lane back to Rhoscolyn.

There’s a small car park at the main beach in Rhoscolyn itself, but this is tight access for campervans in summer, so is best avoided at all costs!

We watch the chaos unfold as cars try and navigate the narrow lane which ends at the beach car park. Thankfully, we’ve left the campervan at the site and would have no intention of moving it now!

Our walking loop takes us back along the main beach at Rhoscolyn – so this is where everyone is! Wow! It’s busy but still so scenic here and the atmosphere of people enjoying themselves is infectious.

Beach Life and Sunsets

After a shower followed by more rest and relaxation back on site, we decide to once again follow one of the footpaths from site. Before we know it, we’ve arrived back at Rhoscolyn beach and our timing couldn’t have been better.

Yes, as the last Kayak’s and Paddleboarder’s glide across the incredibly still water of this beautiful Summer evening, we settle in for a romantic sunset stroll along the shore.

Oh, this is bliss! On one hand we feel like we could be in St.Tropez, on the other hand, it’s simply the best that British gives and we’re loving it!

As the sun sets on the rocky headland at the far end of the bay, there’s no where we’d rather be. We wonder how many people miss seeing this incredible corner of Anglesey. I’m sure many instead opt for the more popular locations further along the coast.

After all, Treaddur Bay and Rhosneigr are just a short drive away, equally beautiful but so much busier.

For now, we’re happy watching the sun go down and know that this is somewhere we’ll keep coming back to for many years to come.

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