Kranjska Gora Slovenia

Kranjska Gora Slovenia

Kranjska Gora Slovenia

Driving down the Wurzenpass from the mountain border crossing of Slovenia brings us to Kranjska Gora. Immediately, there’s a feeling of something special here, as we emerge to the greenery of mountain meadows in Springtime.

Here, in this small Alpine town, we’re looking for Lake Jasna, and then we see a sign.

It’s leading us along an unassuming road, away from the small selection of shops and chalet-style buildings, and it’s just a few km before paradise awaits.

There are some places which literally take your breath away, those Wow moments, and this is one of them.

Ahead of us, the road narrows. By now we’ve reached a gravel parking area and a few hotels. Interestingly, all are low-key, blending in well with the incredible scenery. Here, spellbound reflections from the small, stunning Lake Jasna dominate.

This has to be a little piece of Heaven on Earth, and we’re right under its spell. We’re smitten and ready to stop the night, no matter what the cost.

At the end of the day, the parking area costs a hefty €24 a night, but it has motorhome spaces and the setting is just dreamy. Ultimately, it’s reasonable for this location, even if it’s just a gravel car park.

However, there’s no need to think about paying the fee, and probably they know this. So, without further ado, we enter through the barrier and choose a parking spot backing onto the vast, stone river bed.

Before long, incredible views from our campervan are seen across high mountain peaks. Surprisingly, there’s snow still visible, rising high above the valley.

Then comes a scattering of Alpine trees and glacial blue water flowing through the stony river bed. Ultimately, we feel blessed to be here in this stunning setting.

motorhome parking Kjranjska Gora Slovenia
Kjranjska Gora Slovenia

Beside the motorhome parking area, which is parking for cars too, there’s the beginnings of a Summer season underway. Things aren’t in full swing here yet, bearing in mind it’s only the first week of May.

Yet, there’s a pleasant lakeside cafe, with open air dining, and a few other eateries where people are enjoying the first warm air of the season.

The recreation area on a hot day would be full of lake activities. Today the lake of blue, tinged with green is calm, with only walkers passing over it’s wooden bridges and fish swimming in the clear water.

The setting is perfect, with the snow-capped mountains in the background reflecting on the lake. Actually, there’s two lakes here and both are small and turquoise, with paths circling each and more walks beyond.

Kransjka Gora Slovenia

We choose to walk beyond Lake Jasna, heading on a marked trail beside the road away from the lake and Kranjska Gora itself. After a short distance, the trail leaves the road, taking us on a wide path beside the river.

There’s dense woodland of tall pines either side of us and dramatic snowy peaks tower ahead. Soon, we come across a series of small, beautiful waterfalls, spanning the width of the river before spilling into the water below.

After about an hour, we pause on a bench, positioned in the most perfect place for the views. By now, there’s also the greenery of meadows on the opposite river bank, as well as the pine forests and stunning mountain peaks.

To be honest, it’s one of those places where you just have to sit, pause and reflect – so we do.

After taking in the scenery it’s time to retreat back to the van, taking the same path back is equally beautiful in reverse. As evening falls, a peaceful nights sleep awaits, often looking out at the moonlit sky, which is truly humbling.

The following morning, after breakfast, it’s time to take a walk beyond the parking area towards a bridge. Somehow, we’d driven over the bridge to reach here, but failing to notice a rather eye-catching sight.

How did we miss the huge Kranjska Gora sign? Well, goodness only knows, because it’s hanging on a swing-type bridge above a big waterfall and it’s massive. Not forgetting the best part, because you can walk over the bridge too.

No doubt, you’ll guess, this is exactly what we do next. Taking a short path through some trees and stepping out onto the long, hanging bridge. Below is a waterfall, falling beneath the big letters of Kranjska Gora, whilst the views need no introduction.

Now it’s time to move on, hitting the fabulous scenery of the Vrsic Pass. Here we come across historic sights, incredible scenery and an off-piste skier!

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