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We’ve been travelling by motorhome or campervan for over 2 decades!!

Map of Our Vanlife Travels

What’s the best Place we’ve been?

We’re often asked what’s the best place we’ve visited or where have we enjoyed the most from our road trips and travels and quite honestly we always find it pretty difficult to answer.  

We can always offer guidance on how to get to a particular place, our preferred routes, places to stop and provide useful hints and tips but to pick out favorites or ‘best’ places is not easy, simply because usually everywhere is different and has something to offer in its’ own little way.

It’s not all fabulous

Having said that, there’s a few places were wouldn’t rush back to, several that we’ve been back to and plenty that have just blown us away with bursts of super-hyper enthusiasm to make the most anti-vanlifer want to rush out and buy that van to re-live the fantastic tales that have just unfolded from our mouths!

The thing is, travel by road whilst sleeping, eating and travelling in the same vehicle day after day brings a different kind of perspective to the countries we visit and that’s before you even begin to embrace the incredible surroundings that are starring back at you through the van windows.

It’s the concept as a whole that gets into your sole, we just love the care-free casual aspect of jumping in the van and driving off to escape the realities of life in the modern world.  As soon as our feet touch the step, that’s it, we’re transported into another life, another time, another world.

Remote coastal villages

Dirt tracks to the most remote coastal villages

New Experiences

No matter which town we stumble across or country we travel through, it’s a new experience, a fresh perspective to our world and a fascinating insight into how others’ work and live, how history or events have carved a path through the heart of the communities or the country itself and how we all learn so much from physically seeing for ourselves, seeing and feeling the beauty or scars that past events have created.

Meeting new People

One of the most rewarding aspects to vanlife travels is meeting others, often in the most bizarre circumstances, maybe over a campfire, alongside a surreal view or overlooking an incredible backdrop.  However or wherever we strike up new conversations, we learn  from the moment, new ideas of travel, fresh thoughts and that common relationship between us of the love of vanlife. Suddenly there are no boundaries that may have otherwise lay as a barrier between us and the most interesting, humble human beings out there.

Always time for a cuppa!

Relaxing besides this rugged coastal beauty besides a mass of Roman ruins (out of the shot)

Meeting more than once

Often we meet the same people over and over again, it happens by chance, if it’s a journey to a region where others are following the same ‘must do’ route, we see the familiar faces again and again and no sooner have we said our goodbye’s thinking it’s the last time then we meet again, forming a bond from the same mould and friends and memories to take with us on our journey.

We’ve learnt so much along the way from chance meetings, we’ve had the most amazing tips of places to visit and places to see as a result, often it’s through talking to locals and fellow vanlife folk that you get the most out of a trip.  We’d love to share with you our own tips of travel, ideas of places to see and the best experiences so that our enthusiasm can multiply and grow to others taking on their own vanlife travels.

Sharing the Knowledge

With so much information to pass on to you it’s difficult to know exactly where to begin, so bear with us and bit by bit we will share our wealth of knowledge and experience across a broad spectrum of subjects that this category holds but will hopefully empower every vanlifer from the first time traveller to those wanting new inspiration or just any helpful travel tips and guidance to help get you from A to B in a new alphabet of ideas!

Campervan Castaways

Historic Buildings
The bright blue sky surrounds this historic Spanish watch tower


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