Fancy a Road Trip?

Byron Bay Australia

Fancy a Road Trip?


The van’s ready, gear loaded and all we need is for one of us to ask that the all-important question, fancy a road trip this weekend?

OK, so the weather’s looking a bit drab, but we’re both free, no pre-booked engagements, both finished work for the day, no kids to run around to whatever activity was taking up so much of our free time in years gone by but still we look at each other and after a few seconds pause the silence evaporates into the spilling out of every excuse under the dull British sun to not get out on the road and away from the mundane boredom of groundhog day in the 21st Century.

So, that was scenario number one, sound familiar? Fooled maybe? Well you’ll be pleased to know that the enthusiasm for adventure and that great feeling of being just about anywhere even if you are just parked up in a field 30 minutes from home is always just too good to resist and with both of us simultaneously shouting out ‘yes, where to’ with more gusto than a teenager on a skateboard rapping to the latest Jay-Z download, we’re heading off out of the drive before the neighbours can even get out of the chair and twitch the net curtains.

So why do so many people always have some sort of half-hearted excuse to stay at home, preferring to leave that very pricey commodity of a van on the drive and just use the shiny metal exterior as some sort of oil painting to gaze at from behind the plastic interior of the lounge window frame?

The answer may be complex but usually falls into several regular ranges of glass half empty dialect, we’ve heard many odd lines over the years, it’s all so easy to find an excuse not to go out sometimes but we think about those few hours in a different environment, fresh scenery, new surroundings, just talking and being together and best of all re-charging those worn out batteries and clearing the mind.

They say to surround yourself in life with positive people and leave all the negative energies behind, perhaps our happy go lucky, go with the flow, can do attitude on life can have some infectious vibes to all those glass half empty people out there.

So, thinking of a road trip? Yes of course you are! Dust the grit off the wheels, get the wine in the cooler and get those neighbours net curtains twitching…… off into the unknown, enjoy the spontaneity and best of all just enjoy the moment, it’s a life to be lived and live it we must!


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