New Beginnings

Embrace Life

Maybe we’ve reached that age, somewhere caught between the exhaustion of feeling we’ve been working forever but not yet reaching the age of the golden handshake, time served congratulatory certificate and boring yet obligatory staff retirement party.

Caught up for too long in that web of a work cycle that drags you down and limits your ambitions for wider life enjoyment, fulfilment and adventure.

A Working Life Left Behind

It comes from having worked straight from school before the modern era where many of today’s young adults may still be in education at the same age as we were married with a growing family but it also means we’re still quite young with a fire in our belly for change.

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walking with nature

Grown up Children

Our children are all grown up and ready to venture out into the big wide world, busy planting the seeds of a career path and no longer needing the warm comforting surroundings of the family home, we are a compact unit, closely bonded at the edges and always around for advice, guidance and support but the chicks have feathers and can fly, taking off into their own fresh new, exciting directions.

It’s Liberating

It’s a liberating time in our lives, the first time in over thirty years that we’re free, free in so many ways, bringing so many endless possibilities, opportunities, challenges it’s such a powerful tool, freedom, neither of us had quite realised the explosion of excitement it would create and the path it would take us on.

It’s a time for us, a time for rebellion against the pesemistic out there, against consumerism, materialism and the repetition of every day life. So for us it’s a time to ditch the old and embrace the new, leave negative people and attitudes out of our lives, discover new places and surround ourselves with those interesting and stimulating personalities, positive outlooks and honest, genuine good intentions restoring our faith in human nature.

Enjoying that Big World

It’s a big wide world, we all know it, many of us want to see more of it, few of us take action and do something about it but that’s not for us, we’ve taken that giant leap and have begun the adventures we’ve always dreamed of, the only decisions now are where to, when and how long for on that next journey and deciding which road to take on the road to freedom, so just embrace life and if you can, make those changes, we all deserve it.

Embracing life
Embracing positive personalities
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