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Campervan Castaways in Milan

About Campervan Castaways

We’re Sonia and Nigel, the mid-life crisis couple, who’ve had a life long love affair with touring by van. Our travels began over 30 years ago, as a couple of teenagers, long before the modern phenomenon known affectionately as vanlife! 

Fast forward through various tourers, campervans and motorhomes. Still, we think it’s just the best form of travel and accommodation on the planet! 

Embarking on New Adventures

Married for a very long time, raising two amazing male offspring, we are now free and happy to embark on new adventures. Exploring in our Sprinter 4×4 based in Wales, our travels take us across Europe.

We also had a self-build campervan in New Zealand where our Son lived until the long lockdowns there forced his return and the sale of our campervan.

New Zealand North v South Island


When we used to work!

Work, yes we’ve done lots of that! We had a motorhome hire business for nearly 10 years, this is now safely relegated to the ‘that’s what we used to do’ banner! Now, we enjoy more of our own tales of travel, rather than other people’s!

Starting a Camperstop 

Alongside the business came a camperstop too. A little spot where weary owners could park up for the night at our motorhome hire base. It became a great way to meet like-minded people, all on journey’s of their own.

Our First Van

Before the van travel love affair took hold, we owned touring caravans (arghh….we hear your pain)! Buying our first caravan, a Thompson Glen, at 18 years old was dreamy. Unfortunately, we needed to buy a washing machine – that meant selling the caravan! Yes, times were tough back in those teenage years!

Memories to Last a lifetime

Between the various outfits we’ve travelled far and wide covering hundred’s of thousands of miles. Enjoying every minute, those amazingly surreal and beautiful places, incredible cultures and fantastic memories keep the dream of van travel alive.

Self-Build Campervan
Our LDV V80 Self-Build

About Campervan Castaways – Countries Toured

  1. France – All regions, some several times over! OK, who doesn’t go there? With so much diversity, skiing, wine tasting, the Mediterranean, Roman ruins – it’s got the lot, quite literally!
  2. Austria –  The Grossglockner High Alpine Road, not for the faint-hearted type; Incredible lakes, mountains and The Sound of Music!
  3. Germany – Bliss, all those ’s, that’s Spa’s if you haven’t been! Plenty of beer, wine and some of the most amazing rivers in Europe.
  4. Netherlands – Cycling heaven, canals, bulb fields and windmills.
  5. Belgium – Chocolate in a variety of unprintable shapes and sizes! Heart-wrenching First World War sights that stay with you forever.
  6. Croatia – Unspoilt, reasonably priced and those stunningly beautiful waters of the Adriatic.
  7. Slovenia – Iconic Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj – gorgeous.
  8. Spain – Cheap as chips, great cities, Winter sunshine and lovely beaches, incredible inland regions.
  9. Luxembourg – It’s small and classy. Fuel is so cheap and they have an Aire system too – great!
  10. New Zealand – North and South Islands on 5 separate Campervan tours – no words!
  11. Australia – a 23,000KM 6 month overland trip – just awesome!
  12. The United Kingdom, that’s England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, for any non-Brits it’s not just England! Us Welsh, we are slightly drawn to Snowdonia – who can resist a hike up the 2nd highest mountain in the UK.
  13. Italy – Wow, it’s so friendly and reasonable with the best of food. There’s incredible history mixed with amazing wines, mountains, cycle paths and a great Sosta system for us camper owners.
  14. Liechtenstein – The 6th smallest country in the world bags masses of culture. Along with refined architecture and fabulous Alpine surroundings – it’s also super camper friendly!

Plenty more to see

There’s plenty of the planet left to see, but even if we live another 30 years somehow we feel time is already running out.  So, hurry up and finish writing this – let’s get on with the journey!

I love writing! Our blog and occasional articles for UK motorhome magazine, Practical Motorhome to keep me busy on the road.

Life is no Rehearsal

Life, as we know, is no rehearsal. We’ve jumped off the merry-go-round, living life as we want to live it, in the way we want. Time for enjoying each other and travels together 

No rules, no plans, no expectations – just raw life. Grabbing life and not letting go!

We hope you join us on the journey and follow your own dreams. To live, love and share the road together!

Sonia and Nigel


Sprinter 4x4


  1. Thank you for your lovely comments. Thank you for such a great welcome to New Zealand and your fab Airbnb, I hope we didn’t pass on the British head cold 🥶!! We loved the studio and the location, it was a great place for us to start our search for a van and settle in to the NZ time zone! We’ll be back around Hamilton at some point, so we’ll pop by to show you the van and the transformation!!

  2. Hi Sonia and Nigel, Thanks for leaving the address for your blog after staying with us in Hamilton. The great thing about Airbnb and Booking.com is that the world comes to you and it was great to have you at our home and see you spend time with your sons. Your blog makes for good reading and we can keep following you on your adventures around the globe. You are an inspiration and I look forward to one day giving the working life the two-fingered salute and joining you on the road less travelled. I’m interested in your LDV purchase and look forward to a blog about the conversion. Take care. Arohanui – Te Anga and Tia Nathan

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