A Poem For The Year Of 2020

Uluru sunrise

As many of you will know, this post is not my normal type of travel blog! Instead, the need for something a little different seemed more appropriate today.

The picture is from when we watched the sunrise at Uluru, Australia, reminding us of how good life will be once this is all over.

A Poem For The Year of 2020

The Year of 2020

Welcome to the year of 2020
Forget the cushy life of plenty

Hidden away behind closed doors
Time to do those DIY chores

Working from home as busy as ever
Between episodes of The Crown, The News and Weather

Keeping us safe is the name of the game
From a virus immune to fortune and fame

That panic buying was just all so sad 
It made matters worse and got us all mad

It’s not much to ask to walk once a day
And shop for essentials in a sensible way

Whilst embracing our world of self-isolation 
Scientists race against time on a new vaccination

To beat Coronavirus that’s circulating the globe 
We must unite as a nation to lighten the load

Let’s all join together to fight this disease
Look out for our neighbours and those in need

The day will soon come when this will all end
Our healing will start and we WILL all mend


                                                                                                                                     Sonia - Campervan Castaways 

Stay safe and keep well


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