We quit the day job

Australia Office To Outback

Australia in a Campervan
Outback Salt Flats

Australia is Amazing

In 2016 we closed our office doors for the last time, setting out on an epic journey, across Australia.

The trip, in a tiny campervan, changed our lives. Covering over 23,000km, crossing the most incredible landscapes.

With scenery and wildlife that was beyond our wildest imagination. This journey was a turning point, in our previously work-mad lives.

Incredible People

It it also opened our eyes, to the forgotten simplicity of life itself. Meeting the most wonderful people, from all walks of life.

All on their own journey and for so many different reasons. With often only a campfire and moonlight to light up the night sky. We would sit under the stars and share our stories, with the most incredible people.

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

This picture, was taken on the salt flats of the outback. It’s a reminder of how, despite the solitude and rawness of your surroundings, there can be no greater, or more powerful presence than just being you.

Feeling the softness of the earth under your feet, breathing the air from the vastness that surrounds you and above all, sharing it with those, that mean the most in the world to you.

The most ironic message in this story, is the one of chance, of accidental circumstance and of having no real plan at all.

This incredible journey, was the result of a quick decision to enter a writing competition for Heathrow airports 70th birthday.

Putting fingers to keypad, I quickly wrote about my most vivid memory. As child, as I travelled for the first time through one of the worlds busiest airports.

It was an impulse decision that changed our lives. A few months later an e-mail popped in my mail box. I’d won a star prize, flights to Sydney, Australia!

A big thank you to https://www.travellers-autobarn.com.au for their Kuga Campervan hire used on our campervan road trip.

We’ve since embarked on more epic travels and have no desire to return to the life we had before. It’s a such a big world and we’ve only just begun to explore it. So let the adventures continue, wherever that may be


Saying No To Negativity

It shows that we never really know how our lives will evolve, so many good things do happen. We just have to look forward, embrace the positive things that come our way and leave those negative options firmly behind.

We unbelievably, did have some people sharing views that we shouldn’t go, it would be awful in Australia, what were we doing?!!

Of course, thankfully, we took no notice and rather preferred the optimistic option, that this was an opportunity not to be missed.

It’s those negative people who usually have alternative motives for themselves, or lack of desire for change, or a different lifestyle to the otherwise regimented routines.

Thankfully when you surround yourselves with optimism and optimistic people, those vibes grow and before you know it so do you!

So here’s to a “can do” outlook, an adventurous spirit and a life beyond the comfort zones, that are so easy to fall into.

Here’s to life, let’s enjoy it, after all, we only have one to live so let’s do just that!

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