Sharing The Vanlife Chores

Sharing the vanlife chores

Sharing the vanlife chores

Sharing the vanlife chores

When it comes to sharing the vanlife chores, there’s a definite role pattern in our campervan. The way in which we participate in the glorious world of vanlife chores is rater strange. There seems to be a bit of a gender chore gap between me and Nigel or are we just creatures of habit?

Ok, so the lid on the can of worms has just been lifted! But are other couples the same when it comes to sharing the vanlife chores? Do you all have those certain jobs that each of you do or do you share in those day to day motorhome jobs?

From Toilet To Tanks – Sharing the vanlife chores

It’s not just those dirty jobs that need regular attendance – yes you know which ones those are!

From those toilet emptying duties to the task of practically crawling underneath to open the waste outlet.  Yes, you’ve done it – quickly darting out of the way to avoid getting a soaking in dirty waste water! Have these Motorhome manufacturers ever had to empty their own waste tanks?!

Leaving waste products aside. It’s also the more leisurely side of vanlife, typically the driving and those other little incidentals like getting out the awning – things that all need attending to.

Then there’s levelling up the campervan on those rather clumsy looking ramps or in our case – the more economical but equally effective product….wood!

Now – if like us, you have a Motorhome or campervan with a garage……Well, this is definitely a place where Nigel likes messing around. Frankly, all the bits and bobs in there are not really my domain! Instead, I usually take one look in our garage and immediately turn the other way for a sharp exit!

While I’m at it, what about changing those gas bottles? Blimey, I’ve never even tried to replace one of those or even switch it on.

There just seems to be certain jobs on the road, that we share automatically, without giving it a second thought.

In all honesty, I’m really happy for Nige to carry on and do the dirty work for me. But am I the exception to the rule? Or do others out there share the vanlife chores equally?

Are you Doing the Dirty jobs?

We’ve covered a staggering 200,000 miles on our travels in a Motorhome or Campervan, over the past couple of decades.

Yet, there are few women driving the Motorhomes, or emptying the cassette toilets, instead in opposite sex couples, it seems to be the men who get the dirty job!

Having said that, we have seen a few more women driving and emptying the loo in recent years, which is really encouraging. Let’s hope we see more in the future.


I love driving, don’t you? Isn’t this why’s we do this in the first place? Do other vanlife women feel the same?

I’m really hoping the answer is yes here, or else, I’m not quite sure why you’re reading this blog!

Here’s the crunch – the reason I don’t drive as much as Nige, is that I’m quite happy to leave it to him sometimes.

The difference is that Nige loves driving, whilst I like driving! Having said that, in certain places and now that navigation is such a breeze through technology, I certainly love to take to the wheel.

Toilet Time

Confession time though!! One thing I’ve never done and have no intention of doing at any time soon, unless I have to, is emptying the cassette toilet!!!

While Nige is still keen to carry on the role of loo content disposer, he’s welcome to it! But in reverse role, it’s me who cleans the loo inside the van. So, we both have our fair share of crap jobs to do, (pardon the pun!).

Aire dump
Nigel doing the dirty work at the toilet dump!

It’s Not all Left To Nige

On the plus side, I most definitely do help with any uneven ground, I’ll happily position the pieces of sawn off wood under our chunky Sprinter tyres!

We do, also share the water filling up chores. Although, it does tend to turn into a joint exercise at some point! One stands near the tap to do a quick turn off, whilst the other makes sure the end of our hose, keeps from falling to the ground!

Then there’s the waste emptying, our Carthago had the luxury of internal valves to release the contents from the tanks. This was just great for both of us.

We do still muck in on our Sprinter waste, with the valve under the van, it’s a sort of whoever gets to it first type of approach!

Gas bottles have always been a job for Nige. Although, nowadays, we rarely use gas with our diesel system. In times past, we’ve had some pretty big bottles, too heavy for me to shift and so it was over to Nige and his bigger muscles!

When it comes to the awning, hubby is taller, so he does the harder to reach bits, whilst the rest we share together. Usually, to avoid the whole thing flopping onto the side of the van.

The Satellite Dish

One big male dominance, does seem to be the satellite dish! A man does love fiddling with his signal! It’s one of the first things to make an appearance and it never seems to be the women, who make the first move, to get that TV picture perfect!

We don’t have a TV, so it’s not something that’s on our list of chores. However, it’s quite comical watching those that do and how it takes up so much of their time. It’s almost enjoyable, a bit like a new toy!

Inside The Van

When it comes to inside the van, call us stereotypical, but I love to make it homely.  Am I typical of vanlife women the world over? The bedding, cushions, most of the supplies are all down to me. This is my domain on behalf of both of us and it has to be, just so!

I guess, so long as we’re happy in our Motorhome and vanlife roles, then it doesn’t really matter who does what. It’s all about the sharing, enjoying and getting the jobs done.

That leaves us all with the best possible outcome…..the purpose of life on the road. Exploring and learning as we go and having more time to see the most amazing new places and experience the surroundings, of the next destination.

Here’s to campervan men and vanlife women everywhere, cheers to chores, whatever they may be!!


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sharing the Vanlife chores
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Sharing the vanlife chores
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