converting a Campervan New Zealand

Converting A Campervan In New Zealand

Converting a campervan New Zealand

Converting a campervan in New Zealand

A beautiful country and a perfect destination for campervan travel, also, currently the home of both our Sons! A journey that had us converting a campervan in New Zealand!

This could mean only one thing……a trip down under. The search for a van and the chance meeting of the most incredible people. Bringing our self-build van dream to life and converting a campervan in New Zealand!

Kerikeri New Zealand
When there’s no better place to be, just enjoy what’s around you

I’m sitting under the shade of a large pine tree, to protect me from the searing sun of a New Zealand Summer. My thoughts are drawn to all those European Summer’s where we’ve been touring through fabulous regions of France. Those lazy days and a country so dedicated to campervan travels.

So, out came the notepad and pen. Ready to include my top picks from our French travels – intoxicating memories back to one of the most versatile and diverse of countries. Suddenly I realise I have way too many favourites to include in just one generalised blog piece!

Perhaps, I’m just too enthusiastic about sharing my love of campervan destinations. But with so many incredibly beautiful places in one country, I begin to get stuck with where to start!

As with all the best laid plans, before I know it, my mind has wondered and with that I start writing.

Not about France but about where I am right now – in New Zealand. After a year of big decision that include some very big changes in our lives it only seems apt to write about them.

New Zealand North v South Island

New Zealand Bound – Converting a campervan in New Zealand

With one Son moving to New Zealand, after receiving a job offer here. And our other Son moving here to embark on an 18 month training programme, suddenly we found ourselves separated for the first time ever.

We decided to look on this, not as a negative but a truly positive twist of fate.  An opportunity for us to make some further big changes for ourselves. So, on our return from accompanying our first Son to NZ, back in March last year, we set the wheels in motion for change.

Selling The House

First things first, was to put the family house for sale and start the hunt for a tiny base back home in Wales. We no longer had need for several empty rooms that still needed cleaning. Along with those bigger bills that still had to be paid. Besides all that, we didn’t want to be there much ourselves either!

Who needs a big house, when there’s such a big world out there to explore?

So, the house sold and the week before Christmas saw us exchange contracts and complete – on the same day! With a very busy self-move into our new tiny house.

Fast forward to Christmas Day with the best Christmas present ever – our flight to New Zealand. A reunion with our boys and an adventure, in this incredible part of the world was waiting.

Taking a break from the search for the right van in New Zealand
Touring New Zealand

That’s where we are right now, about to begin on a lazy tour around New Zealand. But first, Nigel has been busy converting a campervan here in New Zealand, on our newly bought van. Creating a very basic, but practical and functional campervan.

So while he’s off sourcing parts and fitments and busy fixing things together, I’m back at base indulging in a bit of blog writing!

Base, by the way- is our 2-man tent that we brought from back home. Incidentally, brought in preparation for some overnight hikes now finding another good use!

Why buy a van?

We had been pitched up at a campground in the middle of the North Island – that was until a few days ago. Then we caught up with the most incredibly talented guy, who we’d had a chance meeting with last year (more of that later).

In the meantime, I’m sure you’re asking yourself why we’d be buying a van? When, in fact, New Zealand is home to one of the biggest campervan rental markets – there are so many rental companies here, offering ever possible type of camper. Another bonus is that New Zealand really is paradise for camper travels, being both picturesque and so camper-friendly.

For us, it’s a dual purpose and so it’s a more economical way to buy a van. Our Son will have it most of the year, where he lives and we’ll use it when we visit.

So, it’s a great way for us both to get the best use out of it. Renting every year for any length of time, would cost a small fortune. Our Son would also have been buying a vehicle anyway, so this just makes sense for us all.

Converting a campervan in New Zealand

With Nigel in his element, transforming our once empty LDV high roof van, I feel he may have found his post-work vocation in life and I’m sure it won’t be his first and last project.

As you may have guessed by now – converting a van into a campervan wasn’t just an overnight idea! Far from it, it’s something Nigel has wanted to do back home in Wales for several years now. To the extent, where it’s become a bit of a standing joke amongst us family members.

He’s also followed the vanlife movement for years. Since the early days and it’s always been me who’s held him back from selling our own campervan back home in favour of a self-build project.

A little harsh maybe. In reality, we both knew that we couldn’t commit to selling our own campervan and starting a build. Whilst working full time in our business, it was difficult to find the time.

What we didn’t want, was a half-finished van and a job that dragged on for months. That’s one thing that would have driven us crazy. If a job’s going to be done, it’s got to be done with momentum from start to finish.

In our eyes – a good project is well managed if finished promptly.  Something that stems from 20 years of house-building!

Searching For The Right Van

So, as soon as we knew we’d like a campervan down in New Zealand, I relented to the proposition and encouraged him to go for it! All we had to do now, was find the right van at the right price. The search began with “Trade Me”, New Zealand’s answer to E-Bay. We checked out the lists of second hand and new vans, but realised the differences were not worth arguing over instead opting for new.

One thing was for certain, after driving round in a car we realised how beneficial a van is in comparison! Obviously, we do have cars back in Wales for our daily use, but we don’t use them for travel. So we hadn’t actually thought about how strange it is being so low down!

We couldn’t help but miss the elevated driving position of a van. Also, it’s good to have a view of the scenery out the window! It also got so hot in the car. We spent lots of time putting the air-con on and off constantly despite it being a large 4-door saloon.

In comparison, a van has such good air-flow and we couldn’t wait to get back to our comfort zone!

After this reminder of why we love van travel so much, we decided to go for a high roof. This meant that we could stand up and have the space that we’re used to – we found the LDV V80 the perfect option.

It was also a reasonable price, the right size and with a few essentials such as 3 seats in the front and windows in the rear doors – ideal. It also came with a boarded and covered floor, a great help for converting a campervan in New Zealand.

New Zealand Catch of The Day

Buying The Van

With one van available at an LDV main dealer in Hamilton, all we had to wait for was the end of the Christmas Holidays, so they could transport it from the storage compound at the Port in Auckland. Now the deal was done, payment made and the holidays over – we were ready to collect the van and begin the conversion.

converting a campervan in New Zealand
Insulating the interior
converting a campervan
Bed Frame Built and Made To Measure Mattress in Place
converting a campervan in New Zealand
Building the kitchen cupboards

Fortunately for us. Hamilton is a town that has everything available that’s campervan related. If you can’t find it on the shelf, someone will soon make it for you! This town has every kind of manufacturer, making every kind of product. It’s unbelievable and all available instantly it seems. The people are so willing to help and easy-going too. We soon found that nothing was too much trouble.

With a fabulous country awaiting us to explore, we set to work straight away. Our only initial stumbling block was the Christmas period, when Kiwi’s take their extended break. Meaning many don’t re-open until the second week of January.

A Helping Hand

On our last visit to NZ, we’d rented a camper which had a small issue with the battery. Our rental company, sent us to a guy in Hamilton, called Jason. He actually build’s their campervan’s for their rental company. He was so obliging when we met him, and we were so impressed with his business, that we kept in touch. We decided to pay him a visit after the Christmas break.

Low and behold, Jason and his partner, Amanda and their team have been incredible. Welcoming us into their world. Providing so much help to us in our conversion and offering every kind of assistance.

New Friends

They’ve even let us have use of their yard and a have place to park up for the night, or several nights! Letting us use their “smoke room” or canteen as we’d call it, and a hot shower. They’ve been so kind and accommodating to us in their hospitality.

Jason’s Dad, Kim, has also been immensely helpful. Going out of his way to make us welcome and charming us with an interesting array of stories, from his 72 years.

We feel blessed to have met them, and thank them for their complete generosity towards us. The conversion is almost ready and we feel, that we have made new friends for life, in these good people. A reminder of why we love travel.

It’s one thing that’s so great about being out of our comfort zone of staying home. Therefore truly bringing a realisation that there is still so much good in people and the spirit of kindness towards others.

Now, we just have a last few tasks to complete and we’ll be on our way. Exploring the wonderful country that is New Zealand and my goodness, we can’t wait to get started!

converting a campervan in New Zealand
A room with a view!

Let’s Sell Up & Hit The Road

Empty Nest…It’s Fabulous!!

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