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Touring in a Campervan Who Has Time To Blog?

My goodness me, I’m fairly new to this blogging phenomenon.  I only began to do my own blog through my secret love of putting pen to paper and fingers to a keyboard. It takes me back to my old school days the most favorite lesson of the week, typewriting! Suddenly, I’ve realised that when touring in a campervan who has time to blog?

Gosh, remember that? Yes, I was one of those back in 1980 something,  that actually took lessons in typewriting! More amazingly, was the fact that my actual typewriting teacher was a male! A middle aged guy (or so he seemed to me at the tender age of 15), looking back he may only have been a touch on 30!

Over 30 years Since I Began Typing

Over 30 years have passed, since my love of the typewriting took over my schooling. How crazy is it, that?

Back then, we were so ahead of our time, having typing lessons….did everyone have those? More importantly, a male teacher teaching typing, in a female dominated 80’s environment!

Well, I have to say that I loved my liquid paper and duplicated double ink backed typing paper. Just the sheer theatrical sound of my bright red nails chipping the edges of the black and white lettered keyboard. All, whilst waiting for that extra kick of the the ping from the returning roller, as I got ready to start my new line of text.

Loving Those Typing Sessions

This of course, was actually copied line for line from the sheets of practice papers provided. So that our precision could be exercised in a never ending display of touch typist practice sessions. Culminating in the end goal of being the fastest, most correct typist of the group.

I’m not too sure now, if ICT lessons in high school are anything similar to my own experience of the pre-computer generation. Either way, I do find that putting my fingers to the keypad whilst actually out of the country, on the open road is so difficult.

As much as I love good communication and the practice of putting the words in my head to dialect in print.  It’s so difficult to actually find the time, the place, the spare moment to actually do the deed!

Is it just me or do other, well heeled more experienced bloggers find that actually blogging is not as easy as it would first appear? It’s not that I don’t get up early, or that I’m in bed before dusk.

Not Enough Hours in The Day

Life involves a permanent rotation of travels, those new towns or cities and continuous exploration.or the simple task of finding a parking spot for the night,  There’s not enough hour in the day,  having no time for much in the way of writing. Simply put, when touring in a campervan who has time to blog!

Somehow, in our past working days would be scheduled to fit in a whole variety of tasks, with a never ending rotation of working issues. Having never had time in the past to fit in a slot of blogging. I mistakenly thought that with no job to go, my writing would take over! It would be the new best friend in my life, a new traveling companion and the exercise that my inactive mind would now need to keep alive.

Perhaps, we are just enjoying life on the road too much. Maybe, the days go so quick, that having the time for writing about it, is just not part of the equation.

A Bit Like My Childhood Diary

A little bit like when I used to write my childhood diaries, it all started so well, writing night after night from age 5 up to at least age 14 and then suddenly they stopped. As if life as a teenager had no room any more for jotting down those daily incidentals, that had meant so much to me in all those years before.

The only problem is, that now, I really wish that my teenage know it all self, would have looked ahead into the future and realised or even just thought a tiny little bit that some day, those daily words of wisdom from my young mind would be worth so much more to me now, 30 years or so later. To think that those thoughts, memories and moments of sheer madness that have long since been forgotten about, to be able to read and look back upon now, to me would be just priceless.

So with this in mind and my reminiscing, whilst sat sheltering indoors from an Italian Summer storm. I promise to try and do a little better. With those school teacher words ringing in my ears from years gone by. I’ll put in a bit more effort, try and make more time to practice and certainly bring out my keyboard. Hopefully, my fingers can do the talking. Rambling on regardless and splurging out words, that my restless mind needs to exercise.

Those Old School Days

I”m happy to to say, that I no longer need warnings from that very lovely male typing teacher. Whose name I’ve long since forgot…Sorry Sir. Those endless polite requests from him to keep my nails short! Asking to remove my bright red nail polish, which would never come to anything. Despite his efforts, my love of typing and putting words into print is still as vibrant as ever. So, with this in mind and with no excuse in the amazingly easy word processor blogging age. Let the words flow, the typing begin and the blog publish button be pressed.

Finally, I salute all those bloggers out there, endlessly publishing from all corners of the globe.  All those elements of text, bringing information and exciting tales of travel. Feeling your pain, I know now that it takes time, as well as so much effort. The sheer persistence to let those words flow and keep the audience entertained.

I admire you and respect your articles, no matter how many words or context. After all, when touring in a campervan who has time to blog? For us mortal fellow bloggers, we aspire to be as good, so thank you for the inspiration!! 

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2 Comments on “Touring In A Campervan Who has time to Blog

  1. Greetings from Sunny Ireland!
    This post really resonated with me. We’re documenting our travels as we go along, and I’ve learned that the absolute worst thing is getting a few days behind. Looking at that blank blog page and having to try to get started…. aarrgghh!

    • Ha ha….yes it is just so difficult to find the time, the days just fly by and before we know it another week has passed before our eyes!!! I hope you’re enjoying Ireland and your van travels!

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