France Our Favourite Campervan Country

Himalaya Bridge Walk France

France our favourite campervan country – what isn’t there to love above it?


Wherever we’ve been to in France – our favourite campervan country – there’s never been much in the way of disappointment .

France is a country three times bigger than the UK, so it’s no surprise that there’s plenty to keep pulling us back year after year.

In fact, we’ve been visiting now for over 20 years and we never seem to tire of the variations of climate and landscapes.

There’s always somewhere in France that fits the bill, whatever the mood takes. As a result, we’d go as far as to say that it’s probably our favourite campervan country and here’s why!

Cattle in France

France our favourite campervan country


France is so campervan-friendly, mainly because it’s the big French hobby alongside Vin Blanc and Fromage. 

Le Camping Car – the French term for a Campervan or Motorhome is king! Authorities also have the utter most respect for those that take to the road in a motorhome.

Speaking of Le Camping Car

Next has to big the envy of us British Campervan fanatics – the Aire de Camping Car or Aire for short. It’s simply, an incredibly big draw for us to cross that Channel every year.

Visiting a town or village, we’re able to empty the motorhome waste and fill up the fresh water whilst also being provided with a place to park overnight.

Hopefully spending a few Euro in the town in the process – all for the good of their local economy!!

The Departments

There are 95 of them in total – 96 if we were to include Corsica. Each one has an appeal all of its own and represents an image of what landscape, produce or landmark they represent.

Don’t ask us to name them all!

This would prove a little too difficult, but they include well known favourites such as The Dordogne, Haute-Savoie, Calvados and Var.

We have tried to get to see as many as possible and have come close to visiting all except Corsica. Of course – we love them all!

An easy, efficient and generally gridlock-free road network.

We may need to pay tolls on many motorways, but they are such a delight. Being well maintained, quiet, offering good services and lovely artistic signage, displaying sketches of the approaching town.

All to tempt us drivers to take a detour to explore more. It’s almost a treat waiting for the next sign to see what the next sketch is about.

The D roads are just as good

These long, quiet, often tree-lined sleepy minor roads that wind through villages and towns are delightful.

Locals seem more content on staying behind closed doors. We always wonder where everyone is!

French Mediterranean Beaches Are Beautiful
The Blue Mediterranean of the Cote D’Azur

It’s a country of epic proportions

Don’t underestimate France in terms of size. There’s also such diverse andscapes, vast history and incredible produce on offer. France is equal to any other on the world stage.

From the Normandy beaches with historical WW2 sites to the trenches of the Somme. Then the Chateaux of The Loire.

Not forgetting those unusual Troglodyte Cave dwellings around the Dordogne and remarkable Roman structures further South, such the Pont Du Gard Aqueduct.

Next is the simply awe-inspiring and the incredibly intact Amphitheatre’s at Nimes and Arles.

That’s without the superb natural environment of Mont Blanc glaciers, skiing in the Alps and the Pyrenees. Those immense gorges of turquoise blue lakes and the glistening Mediterranean or the big surf beaches of the Atlantic coast are all amazing.


We could stop there, however, we’re not wanting to miss out those fabulous Canals. The Canal du Midi running just South of Bordeaux all the way down to Beziers at The Mediterranean is one fine example.

Then there’s engineering with the totally impressive expanse of the Millau viaduct. That’s before we mention the vineyards that cover vast swathes of the country.

Coupled with food such as cheese, cold meats and incredible patisserie or olives. Then those lavender and fields of sunflowers. An intricate variety of landscapes bring an endless mix of everything that we love about life.

Mercedes Sprinter Campervan

Rustic Charm

Just when we think we’ve covered the lot (pardon the pun!), we realise we can’t not mention just the sheer rustic, crumbly, rawness of the place.

It’s so homely, with nothing more simplistic and welcoming than the buildings. Beautiful and effortlessly inviting, oozing charm from every angle and rarely a boundary fence in sight!


It’s the language and the people, those chic French folk who are loyal to their country roots and no doubt full of character!

Entranced by the dialect for some time, we’ve even attended French classes back in Britain. In the process attempting to engage in polite conversation – Un vin rouge s’il vous plait!!

Easily Reached from the UK

Remembering why we went to France in the first place. It’s so easy to get to, accessible in just over 30 minutes on the Eurotunnel and we’re free to explore an incredible array of regions with just the one question to ask…..Which direction?

Never ones to plan, feeling a complete mix of seeing how we feel, knowing that France just lends itself to this kind of campervan freedom.

It’s no wonder that we still find each trip a revelation. Somehow we don’t think we’ll ever tire of visiting it!

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St.Tropez harbour France favourite camper country
Fishing boats at St.Tropez

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